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Food Colour for Food Industry

Bright Green Food Color Powder

Bright Green Food Color Powder

Food coloring is a substance, liquid or powder, when added to food or drink to change its color. Food coloring is used both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking. Due to its safety and general availability, food coloring is also used in a variety of non-food applications, for example in home craft projects and in education.

These colors come in two forms: Dyes and Lakes.

Dyes are water-soluble but are insoluble in oil. They are manufactured as powders, granules, liquids or other special forms making them an ideal coloring agent for beverages, confections, baked goods etc.

Lakes are made by combining dyes with salts to make insoluble compounds, which tint by dispersion. Lakes are not oil soluble, but are oil dispersible. These form of Food colors are more stable than dyes and are ideal for coloring products containing fats and oils or items lacking sufficient moisture to dissolve dyes.

Food Color Powder

Food Color Powder

Product Details:

Saffron Yellow Food Color Powder

Saffron Yellow Food Color Powder

Saffron yellow food color powder:-

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of food and beverages product since 2001.

We deliver superior quality goods at competitive price.

We supply a wide range of food color powder which is widely used in a number of food industries spread across the globe. Our range offer rich color to the delicacy and the cuisine, safe and hygienic to use. Available in a wide variety of food color powder such as orange, blue, pink, yellow, red, green, saffron etc. Our range is provided in various containers such as.

packing size:

We are already exporting to UAE, UK, New Zealand, etc.

Please feel free to ask for any other information.


Additional Information:

Food Colour for Food Industry

Food Colour for Food Industry

We are offering wide range of Food Colour for Food Industry. Our offered range of Synthetic Food Colors are widely used in Food, Bakery, Confectionery, Ice Cream making.

Following are the Food Colour for Food industry offered by us:

Food Color Powder

Food Color Powder

Bulk Food Coloring

Application -

Food, Beverages, Confectionery, Bakery & Many More

Food Color Liquid

Red –Yellow- Pink – Orange- Chocolate Brown- Green- Blue.

Available pack Size







We also offer customize packing with private label

Food Color powder

Orange – Safron Yellow – Red – Green & Many More

Available pack Size

12x100gm R.C.

6x1kg W.C.

Mr.Kool ( Amrut International ) providing vary wide range of Liquid food color & also with wide range of Packing industrial as well as retail.

We cater to several industries with wide range of products, i.e. Bakery, Food, Beverages, Paper Industries, TexTile, Packing, Chocolate & Candy.

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