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Maize Product

Corn Flour

Corn Flour

Approx. Rs 70 / Kilogram

Corn Flour

A type of flour milled from dried kernels of yellow corn. It is similar to cornmeal except that it is ground to a finer consistency than cornmeal. It is used to make cornbread, muffins, pancakes, polenta, and tortillas. Corn flour is very useful for gluten-free quick breads. Because corn flour contains no gluten, it must be blended with wheat flour when preparing yeasted breads.

There are several other popular varieties of corn flour available and some may be more regionally popular than others. It is often used for a number of Mexican dishes including tortillas, tamales, and dumplings. The blue corn is treated with a lime solution, which expands the kernel, allowing it to be removed from the hull.

Packaging available:-100GM, 1 KG, 25 KG

Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate (D-glucose) is a sugar that’s a stable, odorless, white crystalline powder or colorless crystal. Dextrose Monohydrate uses in the food industry are vast. The coordinated water lends the desired physical properties for food manufacturing.

These can be include:

Boiling and freezing/melting points
Browning reaction effects

Application :


The various nutritive physical and chemical properties of Dextrose make it a valuable ingredient in many food applications.

Dextrose is readily fermentable sugar and an excellent nutrient for yeast in bread dough. It's reaction when heated with protein provides color and flavor to bread and cookie crusts, Strength in bread for slicing and handling.


Dextrose is readily fermentable sugar and hence used in and to supply sweetness, body and osmotic pressure. It is adjacent to reduce residual carbohydrate level and caloric content in light production.

Dextrose alone or with sucrose controls Osmotic pressure and enhances flavor, sweetness, and texture in Jams, Jellies, fruits and juices. In addition it helps to create the glossy appearance of Jams and Jellies.


Dextrose supplies sweetness, softness and crystallization control in candies. It is also used in Candy and gum for coating, strength, hardness & color.

Dextrose Mono-hydrate is formulated with vitamins and Minerals and sold in packets or containers or used during convalescent periods of physical stress by patients, athletes and students. In medical formulations Dextrose is used in tableting (salt tablets) and as a raw material in the fermentation industry for bio-chemical synthesis of

streptomycin and vitamin C via Sorbitol.

Fermentation industry:
Dextrose serves as a raw material in the manufacture of citric acid, amino acids, enzymes, lactic acid and ethanol.....

Chemical processes:
Sorbitol and mannitol methyglucoside, gluconic acid, gluconates also are produced from various chemical reactions with Dextrose Monohydrate.....

Different Dextrose UsesDextrose Monohydrate uses in the food industry are vast. The coordinated water lends the desired physical properties for food manufacturing.

Maize Starch Powder

Maize Starch Powder

Maize Starch Powder

It is extracted from the corn kernel and has a distinctive appurtenance and feed. Maize starch in natural ,modified, pregeletanised and dextrinised forms provides viscosity, texture and other desired properties to all types of food & paper, products from canned chilled frozen to microwaveable goods, dry mixes and extruded snacks. Practically every industry in existence uses starch or its derivatives in one form or another.

It is a fine White Powder, odorless, taste slight and characteristic and microbiologically suitable as Pharmaceutical grade, useful in Pharmaceutical and Food Industry as a binder, thickener, disintegrating agents in tableting and assorted formulations.

Application :

Food Industry:

It is a good foundation of carbohydrate and chosen for certain reasons 1.As thickener 2.As binder 3. As Filler 4. As stabilizer. Depending upon the purposes, Maize Starch is used in Canned and Powder soups, instant desserts, custard powder, Ice-cream, sauces and gravies, bakery products, baby foods and Baking powder.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Drugs and medicaments are required to be taken in small but accurate doses in the form of pills and tablets. Starch is used because it is bland, order less and capable of absorption.

Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinised Starch is a cold water swelling starch and has a restrained solubility and viscosity. Pregelatnised starch has been chemically or mechanically processed to burst all or part of the granules in the presence of water and subsequently dried and modified to provide them compressible and flow able in character.

Application :

270 (Pharma Grade):

As instant binder and collapse agent in tablet manufacturing.

500 (Food Grade):

As a thickener and moisture retentioner in instant type puddings, cake-mixes, bakery products, instant soups, jams and jellies.

160 (Industrial Grade):

Binder for briquettes in coal industry, in oil well drilling to control water loss. Cold water wall paper and other dry adhesives, cold water laundry starch. Textile finishing, wet end additives in paper manufacturing. Moisture retentioner & binder in foundry cores. Cold water gum in scratchy manufacturing as a binder in mosquito coils......

Thin Boling Starch

Thin Boling Starch

Thin Boling Starch

Thin Boiling Starch manufactured by special chemical process using highest refined Maize Starch.
Thin Boiling Starches of various alkaline fluidities and viscosities can be manufactured as per precise requirements..

• Throughout the sizing process, the viscosity remains uniform.

• Homogeneous along with humectants and lubricants, makes the fibre abrasion and droppings free.

• The pickup of the size by the yarn is uniform ensuring both efficiency and smooth performance of the looms.

• Size preparation is easy because it do not require prolonged soaking period before mixing into the size boiling.

• The yarn gets tensile strength. Thin boiling starch is highly compatible with the recipe of the size and remains stable for a desirable period of time.

• Thin Boiling Starches of tailor made quality (Desired Viscosity) can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.




White Dextrin

Can be used at much higher concentration to yield very soft gels. Its solution is a half –transparent plaster. White dextrin has good glutinosity and resolution. It as an indispensable excepiant for medicine food and health care industry. It is also used as an additive in the certain applications for the manufacture of Textile, Adhesive and Dye’s.

Yellow Dextrin

Yellow dextrin has low viscosity and is very sticky and hygroscopic in nature. Used in the foundry as a binder for cores. Yellow dextrin helps in increasing dry strength at the same time being completely soluble in water. This product also finds its application as a binder for mould and core washes. Its binding abilities’ make it an essential ingredient in various other applications, such as Adhesives, Gums, Pastes Pyrotechnics.

Application :


Dextrins have essential characteristics in coating, binding and adhesive applications for better tack. Their low viscosities allow their use at high concentrations, which result the films with faster tack. Because of this property Dextrins are used in seam gums for envelopes, bottle labeling adhesives, Remoistening gummed tape, postage stamps, card board boxes etc.....


Dextrins form a film and act as cover for fiber. Thus protecting it from abrasion. White Dextrins are used in Textile finishing in order to impart stiffness to certain types of interlining fabrics. The soft pulp paste of Dextrin acts as the best thickening agent for every type of textile, paper printing, and certain plastic printing using all types of colors and dyestuffs. The gritless and non-abrasive print paste ensures long life of printing copper rolls which cannot be achieved by using gum and other adhesives.

Food and Pharmaceutical industry:

White dextrin is a carbohydrate Nutrient source in the preparation of certain by fermentation. It is also used in biscuit industry to boost the shelf life and crispiness. It can be used as an active ingredient as a food flavor.

Other industrial Applications:
Foundry (as a core binder to give better green strength, dry tensile strength). Fireworks, Dye stuff and printing, glass fiber industry, insecticides, briquettes paint and distemper etc......
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